Liliana Powers creates art out of common, everyday items. She sees birdfeeders in china cups, fountains in colanders and shelves in washboards. She gives new life to old furniture using mosaics and beautiful finishes.

Walking around Liliana's studio, one is reminded of an attic filled with cast-offs, garage sale treasures, old furniture and bits and pieces of beads, jewelry, and other knick-knacks. But in this collection from other people's attics, Liliana finds her inspiration.

Bird Feeders

An eclectic combination of china, fabrics, beads and jewelry combine in a whimsical twist on the traditional bird feeder.


Pots, pans, pitchers and other found objects create these wonderful waterworks.

Small Furniture

Everyday tables and chests transformed into works of art.


Shelves made from washboards and other unusual items, hand-painted.


Candleholders on pipes and poles designed to be placed in your garden.

Nightlights &

Nightlights, clay pots,  candleholders, and a potpourri of other pleasantries

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